Integumentary System Practice Quiz

1. On average, the skin holds roughly 15% of the body’s total blood volume.

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2. Which of the following is largely composed of areolar connective tissue?

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3. Which of the following properties of skin help defend against bacteria?

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4. In what epidermal layer does keratinization begin?

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5. What is the difference between “thin skin” and “thick skin?”

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6. Apocrine glands are the most common type of sweat glands.

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7. Melanocytes are primarily found in the stratum basale.

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8. What is the order of epidermal strata that a needle would pass through when inserted into the shoulder?

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9. The epidermis is highly vascularized.

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10. The dermal papillary layer accounts for 80% of dermal thickness.

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