Lecture Videos

Did you miss lecture? Or maybe just doze off a little? All is not lost. Click this link to watch condensed versions of our in class lectures.

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Anatomy Lab

Lose your lab notes? Or are they currently crumpled up in the bottom of your backpack? No need to fear, click this link to download our Anatomy lab notes. Additional lab study materials are posted here as well.

Anatomy Lab Notes

Lecture Slides

All of our lecture slides for the quarter are found by clicking this link. You can take a peek at next week's material if you'd like, or download a fresh set of notes in case you've done a tad too much doodling.

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Looking to get ahead?

Feel free to look at upcoming lectures. You can even quiz yourself by clicking on the practice quiz link in the top menu. Good Luck!

New study materials will be added from time to time, make sure to keep an eye out for new quizzes and videos in the recent post section to the left.