Tissues Practice Quiz

1. The human body’s levels of organization are as follows: The cellular level, Organ level, Tissue level, System level, Organismal level.

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2. The primary role of epithelial tissue is to support other structures/tissues.

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3. Collagen fibers have the highest tensile strength of the connective tissue fibers.

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4. Many tissues are almost exclusively composed of cells, some types of connective tissue are an exception.

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5. Osseus tissue and hyaline cartilage both contain lacunae.

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6. The primary structural difference between dense regular and dense irregular connective tissue is:

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7. Which of the following tasks best suits stratified squamous epithelia?

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8. The keratinized version of stratified squamous epithelium is found in the _____________ and the non-keratinized version is found in the ___________

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9. Which tissue would you expect to find in area requiring tensile strength in multiple directions? (for example: fibrous capsules of joints and organs)

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10. What is the most widespread tissue in the body?

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