The Cell Quiz

1. The membranous organelle that converts food fuels into ATP, water, and carbon dioxide through aerobic respiration is known as the

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2. Cellular genetic material takes what form during interphase?

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3. The primary lipid component of the plasma membrane is the:

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4. Match the key mitotic event with the appropriate stage of mitosis.
early prophase
late prophase
Sister chromatids aligned along the equator of the cell.
The nuclear envelope dissolves
Chromatin condenses to form chromosomes
the sister chromatids split and become individual chromosomes in their own right

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5. DNA synthesis occurs during which phase of the cell cycle?

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6. Which organelle is responsible for synthesizing and metabolizing lipids?

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7. Which organelle is responsible for neutralizing harmful substances like alcohol, formaldehyde, and free radicals?

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8. Which of the following are considered membranous organelles? (select all that apply)

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9. Which cell junction is best suited for tissue that is subjected to intense stress, strain, and tensile forces?

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10. Arrange the cytoskeletal structures in order of their diameter from smallest to largest.
  • microtubules
  • microfilaments
  • intermediate filaments

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