Practice Quiz: The Cell

The Cell

The Plasma Membrane

T or F

1.) The plasma membrane is selectively permeable, meaning that it allows some substances to pass through and not others. (T or F)

2.) Pumps that maintain concentration gradients utilize kinetic energy, and have no need for ATP. (T or F)

3.) Ions are driven into and out of the cell by concentration gradients only, electrical gradients play no role in ion movement. (T or F)

Multiple Choice

4.) Which ion plays the largest role in maintaining the resting membrane potential?

a. Potassium
b. Chloride
c. Calcium
d. Sodium

5.) Which direction will water flow when a cell is placed in a hypertonic solution

a. A net movement of water out of the cell
b. A net movement of water into the cell
c. An equal movement of water into and out of the cell
d. None of the above
e. The Cytoplasm

6.) Which of the following organelles contains its own DNA

a. Rough ER
b. Peroxisomes
c. Mitochondrion
d. All of the above

7.) Which is a non-membranous organelle?

a. Mitochondrion
b. Rough ER
c. Ribosome
d. None of the above

8.) Which cytoskeletal structure has the greatest diameter?

a. Microfilament
b. Intermediate Filament
c. Microtubule
d. All have equal diameters

9.) Which of the following detoxifies alcohol and neutralizes free radicals?

a. Lysosomes
b. Smooth ER
c. Peroxisomes
d. Centrioles

10.) Which organelle might be highly developed in a cell which exports large amounts of proteins?

a. Golgi Apparatus
b. Lysosomes
c. Centrosome
d. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

11.) During which phase, might we expect that the nuclear membrane will be absent?

a. Interphase
b. Mitotic Phase
c. Never

12.) Which event occurs within the nucleus?

a. mRNA Transcription
b. Translation
c. Cellular digestion
d. Production of plasma membrane

13.) Which structure is responsible for producing ribosomes?

a. Nuclear pores
b. Nucleoli
c. Chromatic
d. Nucleosome

14.) What is the functional unit of DNA?

a. Histone
b. Nucleosome
c. Chromosome
d. None of the above

15.) In anaphase the sister chromatids have been split and are now called _____________

a. Chromosomes
b. They are still Chromatids
c. Centromeres
d. Centrioles

16.) During which phase are the sister chromatids aligned along the cells equator?

a. Prophase
b. Anaphase
c. Metaphase
d. Telophase

17.) Which mitotic spindle structures are responsible for pushing the centrioles to the poles of the dividing cell?

a. Kinetochore Microtubules
b. Polar Microtubules
c. Polar Microfilaments

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