Muscle Physiology Quiz

1. Which of the following tissues are said to be striated?

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2. When a muscle contracts it ________________________

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3. The outer most connective tissue wrapping of a muscle is called the

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4. the smallest contractile unit of skeletal muscle is called the __________________

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5. The thick filaments are composed primarily of

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6. Which molecule covers the myosin binding sites on the thin filaments in the absence of calcium?

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7. Which Ion causes troponin to change shape, triggering the formation of cross bridges?

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8. What is released into the synaptic cleft once an action potential reaches the end of a motor neuron?

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9. Channels in the sarcolemma that open in response to acetylcholine are

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10. The influx of which ion into the muscle fiber triggers the formation of an end plate potential (initial AP formed at the neuromuscular junction)?

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